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How To Handle Negativity in Social Media or Reviews


No Matter how much you try, someone is going to say something negative about your business at some point on social media or in a review. When that time arrives there are basically 3 main choices you can make in reaction to the negativity. They are Flight, Fight and Flood. In this short article we will cover each method and its best use.

Beacons are Better than Bacon


Yup, the title says it all (or was it just an online marketing version of a beacon to lure your attention to this article). I know to some just the mere thought of something being greater than the mighty bacon is inconceivable (i before e except after c) but I think for marketing purposes having a beacon near the cash register will be far better than bacon that lures people into your establishment. I mean possibly having to replace the battery in a beacon a couple times a year is far less frequent than constantly replenishing the delicious plate of bacon and you will have zero possibility of grease stains on your clothes with the beacon might just be enough of an advantage to back my point alone.

If you have no admiration for salted or smoked pork products and wonder why I am even talking about them it is really to express how great I feel that the beacons will become a marketing tool that will be a dramatic impact on businesses that can harness the marketing push that these beacons will give them.

If You are Ignoring These Social Media Tools You Are Throwing Away Money

Social media marketing can be a difficult thing for small businesses especially in the off season.  Everyone is talking about it, but it can be hard to see through the hype and understand which options really are right for your business.  After some thought and research , these are what I see as the top choices for small businesses to consider. I know you will be saying where is facebook, and twitter, however most people are already using one of these and I consider them the basics of social media. In this article I am attempting to expand your social media understanding and show the value of looking outside of the big two of social media and extend your brand to new markets.