If You are Ignoring These Social Media Tools You Are Throwing Away Money

Social media marketing can be a difficult thing for small businesses especially in the off season.  Everyone is talking about it, but it can be hard to see through the hype and understand which options really are right for your business.  After some thought and research , these are what I see as the top choices for small businesses to consider. I know you will be saying where is facebook, and twitter, however most people are already using one of these and I consider them the basics of social media. In this article I am attempting to expand your social media understanding and show the value of looking outside of the big two of social media and extend your brand to new markets.


If videos aren’t a part of your marketing strategy, you might consider making them one in the near future.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (following Google who owns YouTube) , allowing millions of users to bring information to life in video format.  We’d suggest these topics for compelling videos:

  • Guided tours of your facility
  • Product demonstrations and reviews
  • Introductions to key team members at your company
  • Video testimonials from satisfied customers

It’s also important to note that YouTube is incredibly popular with the younger generation of internet users.  In a recent poll, 68% of users aged 14-34 reported that they frequently visit YouTube for its video content.  So if you’re trying to reach these younger users, or think this market will become an important base for your clientele in the near future, consider YouTube .



A lot of people consider LinkedIn to be the Facebook for business people, and it’s a pretty good analogy.  You can expect to find business people here networking, trading ideas and learning about all facets of business.  I use LinkedIn for a few different reasons…

1. Research new contacts, vendors and employees

LinkedIn provides insight into the skills, work experience and specialties of people who may be interested your business.  Prepare for the initial contact with common interests by looking these people up in advance.

2.  Learn new skills and follow trends

LinkedIn Groups allow you to meet other business professionals who share your interests, passions and goals.  It is good for bouncing ideas off of people to get a new perspective on a challenge or opportunity, and learn some more business building skills.

3.  Position yourself as an expert in your industry

LinkedIn allows you to write recommendations and endorse connections for certain skills.  Input from other professionals like this can add a lot of credibility to your name and open up new opportunities from people researching you or your company.



Google’s social network doesn’t have the same prominence as Twitter or Facebook , but it’s not something your should ignore

1. Rise up in the Google search rankings

There is evidence that suggests posts on Google+ get priority treatment in Google search.  With so many companies competing for search engine visibility, it makes sense to take advantage of everything that you can to raise your natural or what is referred to in the SEO community as  organic rankings and be seen.

2. Uncover new ways to market your business

I’ve found Google+ to be a great source of information on the latest trends in marketing, namely content marketing, social media and, surprise!, search engine optimization.  It seems as though the thought leaders in marketing have all adopted Google+ and are happy to share ideas with other users there.



We know that these 3 choices may not be the most popular selections for small businesses in FL.  You may already be in engaged in Facebook, Twitter or other social media and that is perfectly fine.  Obviously your business needs to evaluate each of the options based on your particular industry or niche and an understanding of where your customers can currently be found.

With some focused effort, we feel these social media tools will allow your company to participate in the social media revolution in a way that creates real growth in your organization in the form of networking, education, sales and marketing.

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