Having A Mobile Ready Responsive Website is More Important Than Ever Before

Having a mobile ready responsive website is more important than ever before. We have said it twice now and we can not stress it enough. I am sure you are asking yourself why is it so important. The short answer beyond all the technical mumbo jumbo is that on April 21st Google is going to be penalizing sites that aren’t mobile ready.

Bounce Rate? Understand What it Means & Why You Should Stop Freaking Out About it.

If you monitor your websites performance chances are you have run into the dreaded bounce rate. Bounce Rate is defined as the number of visitors on your website who navigate away from your site after viewing only one page. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on the goals of your website.  We get a lot of calls that start off:  “Why is the bounce rate so incredibly high?  Is my site broken? How can I fix it?”  Well the answer is usually “No the site is not broken but let me take a look at it and see if there is anything we can do to drive customers into more of your website.”

If You are Ignoring These Social Media Tools You Are Throwing Away Money

Social media marketing can be a difficult thing for small businesses especially in the off season.  Everyone is talking about it, but it can be hard to see through the hype and understand which options really are right for your business.  After some thought and research , these are what I see as the top choices for small businesses to consider. I know you will be saying where is facebook, and twitter, however most people are already using one of these and I consider them the basics of social media. In this article I am attempting to expand your social media understanding and show the value of looking outside of the big two of social media and extend your brand to new markets.

Questions Your Web Designer Should be Asking

A website designer can create the tool to bring your business to the next level, however they need a solid foundation of information to work off of to be able to do it properly. When I go into a first meeting even before I quote a project there are a series of questions I like to ask the prospective customer that help me get a full idea of what the website will be and what that customer will expect. If you are building a website or looking to have one done the following questions should be answered to get the full scope of the project. If your designer isn’t asking them then how will you know they are giving you the site you need? You can use this checklist of questions on your next project to help streamline the design process.

Beginner’s Guide to Having a Business Website

     Not every company needs a website, but more often than not you need one. In today’s challenging business market you need to do whatever you can to gain an edge over your competition and having a well designed website can help inform your potential customers and guide them to purchasing your products or services. If you are here reading I am pretty sure you have an interest in getting a website or learning more about them. This is a very basic introduction and overview of websites.