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How to Build a Website on Your Own: Web Design 101

webdesign101Building a website from scratch can be a daunting task filled with that if’s and how about this scenarios. Many people look at all it it takes and decide to hire a professional. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t take on the project by yourself. If you have the basic knowledge and some patience as well as time, you should be able to tackle the project on your own using online resources that are at your fingertips. If you follow these tips on how to start a website and you’ll be on your way to creating your online presence.

Having A Mobile Ready Responsive Website is More Important Than Ever Before

Having a mobile ready responsive website is more important than ever before. We have said it twice now and we can not stress it enough. I am sure you are asking yourself why is it so important. The short answer beyond all the technical mumbo jumbo is that on April 21st Google is going to be penalizing sites that aren’t mobile ready.

Questions Your Web Designer Should be Asking

A website designer can create the tool to bring your business to the next level, however they need a solid foundation of information to work off of to be able to do it properly. When I go into a first meeting even before I quote a project there are a series of questions I like to ask the prospective customer that help me get a full idea of what the website will be and what that customer will expect. If you are building a website or looking to have one done the following questions should be answered to get the full scope of the project. If your designer isn’t asking them then how will you know they are giving you the site you need? You can use this checklist of questions on your next project to help streamline the design process.

Beginner’s Guide to Having a Business Website

     Not every company needs a website, but more often than not you need one. In today’s challenging business market you need to do whatever you can to gain an edge over your competition and having a well designed website can help inform your potential customers and guide them to purchasing your products or services. If you are here reading I am pretty sure you have an interest in getting a website or learning more about them. This is a very basic introduction and overview of websites.

Look at your Company’s Web Presence From a Customers Point of View

If you are like me you are neck deep in the day to day life of your business. It is easy to get stuck in the rut and become complacent saying “I have a great website” or “my ranking on the search engines is fine”. It is very important to make sure you take a break at least once a quarter and look at how customers view you on the internet. It could be the difference between making new sales and increasing business or missing out on your next big customer.

If you do not keep up with your competition you mide as well be grabbing them by the belt and collar and heaving them much further ahead of you.