Questions Your Web Designer Should be Asking

A website designer can create the tool to bring your business to the next level, however they need a solid foundation of information to work off of to be able to do it properly. When I go into a first meeting even before I quote a project there are a series of questions I like to ask the prospective customer that help me get a full idea of what the website will be and what that customer will expect. If you are building a website or looking to have one done the following questions should be answered to get the full scope of the project. If your designer isn’t asking them then how will you know they are giving you the site you need? You can use this checklist of questions on your next project to help streamline the design process.

questions web designers should ask1. Corporate Information
What is your legal company name?
What is your tag line or slogan?
Phone Number(s)
What is your address?
Hours of operation (store hours or when phones will be answered)

2. Domain Names and Hosting –
Do you own your  desired domain name?
Do you own other domain names?
Do you have web hosting?

3. Please briefly describe what your company does.

4. Site Purpose – What do you want the visitor to do when they get to your site? What are your goals for the web site in terms of visitor actions? What do you think your site visitor should accomplish on your site (buy something, get info, call, or other action)?

5. Site Goals – What are your goals for the web site in terms of you company goals? How is your site supposed to help your business? What is the purpose of your site?

6. Traffic – What are your goals for the web site in terms of traffic? What type of exposure do you want your website, when successful should achieve?

7. Adjectives – Please list at least 5 adjectives that you think describe your company or should describe your company in order of relevance / importance.

8. Products / Services – List the main products or services you provide.

9. Competitors – Are there any websites that you would consider your competition?

10. Sites you like – Please list a few websites you like. Include the URL and what you like about each site.

11. Sites you don’t like – Please list some websites you don’t like. Include the URL and what don’t you like about these sites. is there anything on them that you do like?

12. Target Audience – What types of visitors do you want to get? Who is your target audience? (age, sex, hobbies, education) Please describe your average intended visitor.

13. Technology – How technically savvy is your average visitor?

14. Accessibility & Usability – Will web visitors have any special needs? (eyesight, language, mobility, reading level?)

15. Updates – Do you plan on updating the site yourself? If so please let us know your technical knowledge and how often you see the site updating.

16. Site Features and plug-ins – What features do you think your website should include? (calendar, forum, login, price comparison chart, contact form, anything?)
For each feature, please state the goal of said feature.

17. Things not to do – Do you have any definite remarks on what you don’t want to have on your website? ( splash page, Flash, aqua?) Sharing why you don’t want a feature will help get an understanding of your desired user experience.

18. Other: Anything else I should know?

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